When is the foreclosure list available?

  • Each month there is a new foreclosure list.
  • There are cancellations and changes to the foreclosure list. These cancellations or changes will be made up until the morning of the sales date.
  • The list will be published approximately the third Friday of each month.
  • The list is available in several different methods - on this website, published in the newspaper of the county the property is located in (example, Index Journal will publish Greenwood County properties), by email, by fax, and/or you may come by our office and pick up a paper copy.

Contact Information

Reading the Sales List

  • The foreclosure list is formatted by each foreclosure case starting with the case caption, property address being sold, case number, attorney's name or law firm for the plaintiff (plaintiff is the bank or mortgagee bringing the foreclosure action), attorney's telephone number, and whether the case is deficiency waived OR deficiency demanded.
  • If you would like more information about each foreclosure case you may go to the County Courthouse in which the property is located in and look up the information in the Clerk of Courts Office. You will use the case number listed  on the sales list to look up the foreclosure case in the Clerk's office. You can also look up information on the county's GIS website.
  • Greenwood County GIS - http://www.greenwoodsc.gov/mapgallery/Default.html
  • Abbeville County GIS - http://gis.abbevillecountysc.com/abbeville/default.htm
  • Each case is labeled deficiency waived or deficiency demanded. If the case shows deficiency waived this means the property will open and close on the sales date listed on the sales list. If the case shows deficiency demanded this means the property will open on the sales day listed and then will re-open 30 days later for the final sale.

*****  PLEASE NOTE - A foreclosure sale is NOT the same thing as a Tax Sale.   If a property is in foreclosure the homeowner/mortgagor is not paying a mortgage to the bank. A tax sale is when the homeowner/heirs have not paid the county property taxes.  If you are interested in a tax sale you will need to contact the county tax office. 

How do I bid on a property?

  • You do not have to register for the foreclosure auction, it is a public open auction.
  • If you are interested in bidding on a property and you are the lucky high bidder you will be required to pay 5% of your high bid amount by certified funds (cash or cashiers check) to be paid the day of the sale. For example if you are a high bidder on a property and the high bid was $50,000.00 you must pay $2,500.00 by certified funds to our office by 4:00 p.m. the day of the sale.
  • After you have paid the 5% deposit you will have 20 or 30 days to comply with the balance of your bid. Interest is charged each day until the balance of the bid is paid in full. The interest amount is based on the note rate found on the notice of sale published in the newspaper or found in the court file.
  • PLEASE note that ALL properties are sold in as in condition. We do not know the shape or condition of the property nor do we have keys to any of the properties.
  • Foreclosure properties are sold subject to county property taxes if there are any owed. The property taxes are NOT pro-rated you will be paying the full amount of the bill. It is your responsibility to check on that information.
  • Certified Funds are a cashiers check or cash.

General Foreclosure Information

If you have any questions regarding the foreclosure sale or process please call Lili Kate Womack at (864) 223-8907 or email lili@clarklawonline.com